Currently only available on Oxford Smart Activate, Quest, Mosaic and IB DP Science.

Reactivates are generated over time for students from the start tasks they have completed.

They are ‘spaced learning’ quizzes which allow students to test their knowledge of key facts. ‘Spaced learning’ involves repeating material at defined intervals and has been shown in the lab to improve memory and retention.

Associated questions based on how students complete the start tasks are added to a pool, and are made available to students via the Next Steps tab once 15 questions are collected.


If a student answers a question correctly, the time gap between them answering the question and seeing the question again increases, building memory strength and retention for that fact.

Over time, more and more questions are added to the pool of questions as more checkpoints are done. They are also removed for even longer time periods, meaning that students will get a personalised set of questions almost daily once enough questions have been triggered.

On the Reactivate result screen, students will see their score and their memory strength score for that quiz: 

reactivates complete