Select Assignment Pool to view the tests in the pool.

For each test you can edit the title, add instructions, and add any resources or support material.

The first test in the pool will be expanded by default when the Assignment Pool is opened. Select the arrow to the left of each row to expand or collapse the information for that test.

You can add support and/or resources material by selecting + Add Resource material or + Add Support material next to each test in the pool.

The Resources window will show content filtered on the same course section as the test that is being set e.g. if the test was from unit 5, then the resources that show would be for unit 5.
The Support window will show all the support items within the Assessment module, filtered on the same unit as the test that is being set.

Select the tick box to the left of each item you would like to add, then select Add.
To remove resources or support materials, select the ‘Bin’ icon next to the resource or support material.

All changes are saved automatically.