Currently only available on Oxford Smart Curriculum courses & IB DP Science.

The knowledge report will show how your groups or individual students are progressing through the Curriculum.

Select your course and click on the Reports tab. If your course has multiple reports, make sure Knowledge is selected.

Showing the latest Developing, Secure, Extending statuses (DSE), this is calculated from any start tasks your students complete including Level Ups.

At the top of your report you will see a visualised DSE summary to see how many students in your class are achieving particular DSE Levels, and you can quickly see which those students are by clicking on the number which will bring you a list of students in an overlay.

  • The bar chart displays the percentage proportion of Developing, Secure and Extending statuses of all assessed concept statements for that point in the hierarchy.
  • ‘Questions answered’ section displays the total number of questions that the students in the selected class have answered at that point in the hierarchy.

You can then breakdown through the levels through the curriculum to see how your students and classes are performing in specific areas.

The report can be viewed in Groups or Students. The group report shows the proportion of students in a class that have an average D, S or E in the selected area of the curriculum, and the student report allows you to break that down to an individual level.

Knowledge Report