On Oxford Smart Activate, you will have additional information displayed including DSE and Level Up information.

Follow the steps below:

  • Select your course and click on the Reports tab.
  • If your course has multiple reports select, Tasks. You will then see a Group report which will show your first group only.
  • Select a specific group by clicking on the Group next to View.
Select Group Report
  • This will open up a panel with the Groups within that course for you to select from.
  • Select the date range you wish to report on.
  • This will then bring back a summary of all your students in that group against each assignment set within that date range.
Group Report
  • You can use the toggle to switch the report between marks and percentage. 
  • Find a key for the symbols here.
  • Select an assignment to focus on a particular task, which will then refine the information specifically to that assignment. Here you can see how well students did on each question.
  • You can export your group report as a CSV, find out more here.