Kerboodle is full of varied assignments, some are completed on Kerboodle (known as interactives) and some are paper based assessments which are downloaded and completed offline. Some interactives are quizzes, which will automatically be marked and the results can be viewed within the MarkBook. Other interactives will need manually marking, these will have either free-text fields or recorded response.

Any assessments downloaded and completed offline will always need manual marking. To mark assessments, please follow these steps:

manual marking
  • Click ‘for manual marking’ (top left) to see all assignments which need manual marking.
  • You will need to mark any interactive assessments your student complete on Kerboodle which have a free-text field, or for MFL courses a recorded response.
  • Click on the title of the assignment. A window will open on the screen with a list of students in the top right. Click on the first student to mark their work.
  • For interactive assessments, scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on the final screen of the assessment to read or listen to that student’s answer. Close their assessment and type their mark in the mark box.
  • For paper based assessments , students can either hand in their work to you or upload a copy of their homework, which you will find at the bottom of this window. Type their mark in the mark box.
  • Click on the next student in the top right and repeat to mark their answer.

When you’ve marked all your students, click ‘save and close’. Students will now be able to view marks within their Kerboodle.