Currently only available on Oxford Smart AQA GCSE Sciences, Oxford Smart Activate, Quest, Mosaic, IB DP Science and Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics.

  • Once the students complete a start task they will be presented with an updated result screen, which will let them know if their result is developing or secure.
Next Steps
  • The results screen presents the student with the option to do a ‘Level Up’. If the student got 100% in the checkpoint, they will be offered a ‘Level Up: Extend’ next step.
  • If a student has got any questions incorrect in the start tasks, they will be offered a ‘Level Up: Secure’ next step. This next step will contain content and questions targeted at the area(s) that the student struggled at.
  • Students can complete next steps straight away or they have an option to try later, which will appear within a new tab within the course called ‘Next Steps’.
  • Once completed they will see an updated results screen.
next steps reflect
  • On this results screen when a student completes the Level Up: Secure with less than 75% correct, they will see a result screen which confirms they achieved Developing for that Level up: Secure next step. They are also offered a final ‘Reflect’ activity to complete the journey.  
  • If a student completes a Level Up: Secure and gets over 75% they will get a Level Up: Extend to complete. When a student completes the Level Up: Extend next step, they will see their results – and will achieve ‘Extending’ if they score more than 75% in the Level Up: Extend. They will achieve ‘Secure’ if they score less than 75%. They will also be offered a final ‘Reflect’ activity to complete the journey. 

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