Currently only available on Oxford Smart Activate, Quest, Mosaic, IB DP Science and Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics.

There are two types of automated next steps your students will encounter when you assign them start tasks or they complete self-study tasks. These are Level Ups and Reactivates which trigger these are indicated by the following icon which will appear in Resources, Assignments, Notifications, Markbook and Reports.

checkpoint label start tasks

Level Ups:

Level Ups are follow-up activities that are built around the start tasks students complete.

They are automatically generated and target in on areas of the curriculum students need to improve. Students will either see a Level Up: Secure task or a Level Up: Extend task. Some students will be presented with either one or two tasks, depending on their progress. The tasks are all auto-marked and automatically fed into your reports so you can see exactly which students have completed their Level Ups and results.


In addition to Level Ups, start tasks also trigger Reactivates. Built around areas of the curriculum students have studied, Reactivates re-present questions back to students over extended periods of time based on how they answer. If they get a question wrong, they will see the question sooner than if they get it right. This will continue over a period of time to lock in the learning and interrupt the forgetting curve. You can see how students are doing with their Reactivates in the student task report.