This is an explanation of each of the buttons from left to right, along the digital book toolbar, which you can use when you are using the digital book to present in-front of your class.

Name What does it do?
Next and Previous Next and Previous Digital book icons These will move you page by page through the book.
Resources Resources Digital Book Icon  This gives quick access to any additional resources that relate to this digital book.
Notes Notes Digital Book Icon        A place to write and save personal notes.
Bookmarks Bookmark Digital Book Icon Use this tool to create a quick link to particular pages.
Whiteboard Tools Whiteboard Digital Book Icon Make use of a pen, highlighter, sticky notes and a spotlight tool. Save, and hide or reveal your annotations.
Full screen Full Screen Digital Book Icon Click on this to go into full screen view of the online book. Use ESC to exit this view.

Single page/Double page view Digital Book Icon spread view

Click on either of these to display just a single page at a time, or to display a spread at a time.
Zoom in/Zoom out Zoom Digital Book Icon Click the plus to zoom in, the minus to zoom out. Once zoomed in, click on the book page and drag to re-position.
Hand tool hand tool Digital Book Icon Click on this to move around the page when you are zoomed in.
Reset view reset view Digital Book Icon Click on this button to reset to the default view.
Magnify tool magnify Digital Book Icon Click on this tool to zoom in on a specific area of the page. Click and drag a square around the section you want to zoom in on.
Table of Contents Digital Book Icon contents Clicking on a link within the table of contents will jump you to that point in the book.
Go to Page Digital Book Icon GoTo Enter a number and hit return (or equivalent button) on your keyboard to jump to any page in the book.
Overlay Overlay icon 

Add a coloured overlay of red, blue, or orange to your book. This is an accessibility feature which some people with dyslexia find helpful. It can also help with contrast in classrooms where there are lights shining directly on the screen.