Kerboodle’s assignment basket lets you assign resources for your students to complete.

Some resources have marks available. These will be automarked and the student’s schore will automatically pull through to your Reports.


Some of these resources are automarked and the student’s score will automatically pull through to your Reports. Some have no marks available.

Marks not available

When pieces content with no marks available are assigned to students they will be given three options to complete the work:

  • I have done my work and I don’t have anything to hand in.
  • I am giving my work in by hand.
  • I am uploading my work.

If a student has uploaded work for you to mark, you’ll be able to see this on your Course page.

Screenshot showing notification that teacher has work to mark

We will be making more content available with marks assigned over time.

For more information on using the assignment basket follow the instructions found here.