You can create links within the Resources module in Kerboodle to specific pieces of content, or collection of items, so that students don’t have to navigate the menus to find them.

Step by step guide:

  • Select the course and click on the Resources module.
  • Select the content you wish to share using the checkboxes next to each item. You can select more than one item. Please note you can’t select items across pages.
  • Click Share Content above the contents list.
share content
  • You will then be given three options on how you wish to share the contents which are Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or a URL.
    • If you select Google Classroom you will be given the option to share to a class as a material, assignment, announcement or a question
    • If you select Microsoft Teams you will have the option to share it to a channel or as an assignment to a class.
    • If you select URL, click copy URL and paste the URL into an email or other messaging system to share with your students.
  • When a student clicks the link, they will be prompted to log in to their Kerboodle account and the student will be taken directly to the content.

Please note: If resources that are not visible to students are selected you will be able to see a list of those resources and make them visible. This option won’t show if you are selecting a whole tab, in this case students will only see the items which are visible. More information on hiding or making content visible.

Make visible