Only your school’s administrator can add students to Kerboodle.

Are you an administrator? See how to add students.

You can see whether students have been added to your school’s account by looking at the Students section at the top of your home screen when you first log in.

If there are no student users in your school account, or you need to add more, please contact your administrator to organise this. You can find their details in the administrator section at the top of the home screen.

Once a student has been added to Kerboodle, they will receive instant access to all of your courses.

By default, a student’s password will be the same as their username. They will be prompted to change this when they first sign in.

Enabling single sign-on

If you’d like your students to be able to access Kerboodle using their school Microsoft or Google account via single sign on, you will need to ensure that, for each student, the email address linked to their Microsoft or Google account is also linked to their Kerboodle account. Your students can check their own accounts and update them as needed or your administrator can organise this in bulk.