All students on Kerboodle will have default access to all the courses to which your school subscribes. Once the administrator has imported students and groups onto Kerboodle, you can create smaller teaching groups within individual courses for assessment and reporting purposes. You can use these teaching groups to reflect your different classes or sets.

There are two different types of teaching group: a Manual group and a Self Sign-up Group.

A Manual Group allows you to select a number of students from a single year.

A Self Sign-up Group requires the students to sign themselves up. You generate a code on Kerboodle, pass this out to your students and they can then enter this when they enter the course to sign themselves up.

Note: If you want to add students from multiple year groups to a teaching group, you will need to create a Self Sign-up Group.

Creating a Manual Group

  • Select a course and select the User Management module.
  • Click Teaching Groups.
  • Select the relevant year group from the list on the right-hand side.
  • Click Create – Manual Group.
  • Give your teaching group a name.
  • Select the students you would like to add to this teaching group from the left-hand side, and click the arrow to move them across to the right. Once complete, click Save.

Creating a Self Sign-up Group

  • Select a course and select the User Management module.
  • Click Teaching Groups.
  • Click Create – Self Sign-up Group.
  • A code will be generated and show in the window next to Group Name.
  • Give your teaching group a name and change the code to something more memorable if you wish.
  • Click Save.
  • Give the code to the students you wish to join this group. They will need to log in, select the relevant course and click Join Teaching Group. They can then enter the code and click Join Group.