There are two ways to make changes to the username and email address details of students. You can either do this in bulk using the CSV export process or make changes individually to each student’s record.

Remember, if you’d like your students to use single sign-on, you will need to ensure that the email addresses they use to access their school Google or Microsoft accounts are saved against their profile in Kerboodle.

Bulk change using the CSV export*

  • Log in to your administrator account.
  • Select the year group or class in left-hand menu, click on the CSV button and then select Export CSV.
  • Your CSV will download to a folder on your computer.
  • When you open the exported CSV file, it will contain a copy of the student data that is held on the Kerboodle platform.
  • You can use this CSV file to add or change student usernames and/or email addresses. Simply add or change the username and email address details in this exported file. If you’d like your students to access Kerboodle via single sign-on, make sure that the email addresses match those they use to access their school Google or Microsoft accounts.
  • Ensure that prior to saving your file your admission numbers are in the correct format. If your admission numbers are 12+ characters then they may show in scientific notation (E+12) in Excel, to correct this select the column, right click then select ‘format cells’, choose ‘number’ then ensure decimal places is at ‘0’, finally click on ‘ok’.
  • Once you have made the required changes in the exported CSV file, save it as a .csv file and re-import it by clicking Import CSV from the CSV dropdown menu.
  • The added or amended details will now be updated in Kerboodle

Please note It is only possible to make bulk edits via CSVs to a student’s:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Year group (students will be added to a new year and removed from an old year, information on moving students up a year can be found here)

It is not possible to edit a student’s first name, surname (even minor changes) or admission number.

Changing an individual student’s details

  • Log in to your administrator account.
  • Select the student whose details you would like to change and then click on the Edit.
  • You can now make changes to the First Name, Surname, Email, Username and Admission Number.

You can also the re-set password for a student and assign them to a different year group in this window.