To move students up to the next year group at the beginning of a new academic year, you need to complete the following three steps: archive the students who have left the school, delete the empty final year group and edit the existing year groups to move students to the year group above.

Archive leavers

Final year students and other students who have left the school need to be archived. See Archiving Users. Please do not delete the records of leavers as this will remove them permanently from the platform.

Delete empty final year groups

Once you have archived the data of the students who have left your school, you need to delete the empty final year group (for example, year 13). Follow the steps below to delete an empty year group:

  • Click +Manage Year Groups.
  • In the window, select the required final year group (e.g. Year 13) and make sure that this group does not contain any students.
  • Click Delete Group. Confirm the group deletion by clicking OK, and then click Save Changes.

Edit existing year groups to promote students

  • Click +Manage Year Groups
  • In the window, select the correct group and click Edit Group.
  • Edit the group name, for example Year 12 would become Year 13, Year 11 would become Year 12 and so on.
  • Select the students you would like to add to this group. Click Save and Save Changes.
  • You will now see the updated group in the menu.
  • Repeat these steps for other year groups. Once you have promoted Year 7 to Year 8, you can add the details of your new year 7 students by importing a CSV file. See Creating new students above.

Once you have moved students up a year, you are able to add any new students.