It is the administrator’s role to create and manage year groups and to put students into their correct year groups. Once you have created year groups, teachers will be able to create teaching groups for different courses within the relevant year groups. See the teacher support area for information regarding creating teaching groups.

Please note that students can only belong to one year group but they can belong to different teaching groups for different courses. For example, if the administrator creates Year 7, a teacher can then create teaching groups Year 7a, Year 7b within each course.

It is important that you do not put teaching groups in as year groups as it will make it difficult for you to move students up a year in the new academic session.

There are two ways in which you can create year groups.

Importing a CSV template

You can create year groups by importing the year group information on the CSV template when creating new student users. It is a mandatory field on the CSV template.

Once the CSV template is successfully uploaded, year groups get automatically created in the platform and can be seen in the left hand panel.

Manually on Kerboodle

Alternatively, you can manually create year groups before importing student details:

  • Click the +Manage Year Groups button.
  • In the Manage Year Groups window click on Create New Group.
  • Enter year Group name, eg. Year 7.
  • Repeat the process for creating more year groups.
  • Select any students you wish to add to the Year Group
  • Your new group will appear in the left-hand menu.

For each new academic year, year groups need to be updated so that the students can be moved up to the next year group.

Some common mistakes

Correct year group setup is critical to receiving your Data and Insights.

  • Adding students to more than one year group which will cause issues when grouping and reporting on students.
  • Students are uploaded without an associated year group again making grouping hard.
  • Schools set up year groups at tier 2 or 3 – setting up year groups in this way means that the Admin user cannot easily move students up a year at the end of the year
  • Schools use the self-sign up group option, which is perfectly fine, but it is worth bearing in mind that this places the group at tier 1, it doesn’t allow the group to sit within your Year structure.