Enter the Reports section of your course to view your marks. Use the filters on the right hand side to change the date range, by default your reports will bring back assignments for the last year.

Your reports are split into a summary area and breakdown of each assignment completed within your course in a table with details around your marks. To sort your reports, use the arrows against the field you wish to sort by, eg. By dates or highest mark.

By clicking on a task this will bring up a detailed view of the task completed including a breakdown of marks.

Student Reports

On Oxford Smart Curriculum and IB Diploma Science courses you will have additional information displayed including Developing Secure, Extending Levels, Reactivates and Level Up information. You will also have access to a knowledge report.

Smart Activate Reports

Self-study tasks

Within your summary area you will see an additional statistic showing you the number of self-study activities you have completed . These tasks will also show in the detailed table under Assigned by ‘Me’.