If the work you have been assigned has a mark available and is an interactive, it will automatically be handed in and marked.

Otherwise, you can upload your piece of work, or give it in by hand or just mark it as complete e.g if you have just been set a task to watch a video. Your teacher may have left particular instructions, so look out for them.

To submit your work online, you need to be in your Assessment section of the right course.

Click on the title of the work, which will open the assignment window. 

If it is an interactive piece with marks available you need to complete it on-screen. You must click on Submit at the end of your work to make sure your work is marked.

For other assignments, you will have three options:

  • I have done my work and I don’t have anything to hand in.
  • I am giving my work in by hand.
  • I am uploading my work.

When uploading  you can find an Upload button. Click on this button, then choose and open your file.

You now have two options:

  • Save and Close will save your work, but it will not send it to your teacher. If you choose this option, you must go back at some point and click Submit, or you will miss your deadline.
  • Submit will save your work and send it to your teacher. You cannot make any changes to it after this point.