Oxford Smart Activate

Get up and running with Oxford Smart Activate. The planning documents below will help you to prepare for September and get the most out of your Kerboodle subscription.

Please note that to view the examples below, you will need to be subscribed to Oxford Smart Activate and logged into Kerboodle.com.

First steps


Creating teaching groups

It is the administrator’s role to create and manage year groups and to put students into their correct year groups. Once in year groups as a teacher you can create your teaching groups/classes.

Please note: Correct year group and class setup is critical to receiving your Data and Insights.

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Oxford Smart Curriculum for KS3 Science

View the full curriculum document which sets out the fundamental principles of the KS3 curriculum and the assessment framework with examples of the curriculum narratives. Summary document also available.


Schemes of work

Our Schemes of work cover specification links, learning outcomes and suggested Kerboodle resources on Oxford Smart Activate.

Kerboodle Notes

Content map, including assessment

Look through the Oxford Smart Activate content map. This shows you the content that is available for each topic on the specification.


Kerboodle Markbook

Baseline test and mark scheme

Baseline tests with mark schemes to set students at the beginning of Year 7.

Practical and Activity sheets

Download the Practical and Activity worksheets for Activate 1 Working Scientifically and the first chapter of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Also includes associated teacher notes, scaffold sheets, animations, videos and homework sheets where applicable.

Online Books



Please note that the existing versions of the Online Books will be replaced over the summer holidays so we would recommend that you don’t add any annotations to these, in case these are lost when the replacement takes place. In the mean time a trial version of the new eBook is now available. Take a look for a taster.

Professional Development


CPD sessions

As part of your Oxford Smart Activate course we are running exclusive CPD sessions, view the latest dates and register now.*

We will also make available all live sessions available as on-demand sessions, available soon.


Kerboodle training

We will also be having dedicated on-demand training to help you get the most out of your subscription covering Next Steps etc – Available soon

Further support

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Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team at no extra cost.

Student Support

Student Support

We have dedicated student support on how to use Kerboodle which can be shared with any students.

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General Kerboodle guidance

New to Kerboodle? Follow the first steps including inviting an administrator to start creating students on Kerboodle.

Already on Kerboodle need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

*Unsure of your password please contact your local consultant.

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