A Level Sciences for OCR

New practice papers – April 2021

We’ve added two new practice papers per subject to OCR A A Level sciences Kerboodle as part of our Oxford Revise project.

Each paper contains two synoptic questions with accompanying mark schemes and have been developed based on recent Examiner reports.

New retrieval questions – January 2021

As part of our Oxford Revise project, we’ve added new retrieval questions for every chapter in the Biology, Physics and Chemistry courses. These will test students’ knowledge and help to improve their long-term retention.

Exam Pulse- May 2020

New Exam Pulse content has been added to A Level Sciences for OCR A Kerboodles. Exam Pulse provides relevant exam support based on the latest exam feedback and this update includes exam-style questions for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics that cover key skills identified as areas of low attainment in the 2019 OCR examiners’ reports.

New retrieval question interactives- Nov 2019

As part of our Oxford Revise project, we’ve added new retrieval question interactives to your Kerboodle. These cover need-to-know content for the first three chapters of the A Level Biology A, Chemistry A, and Physics A Student Books.

Each interactive contains 20 retrieval questions covering one chapter. Students fill in their own answers to the retrieval questions, then reveal the correct answer and compare this to the answer they gave.

Students should repeat the retrieval questions until they have memorised the correct answer for each.

New: Transition Packs to help students make the best possible start to their A Level journey- July 2019

We’ve just added new Transition Packs for Biology A, Chemistry A and Physics A to give new Year 12s a flying start next September. Students can complete the packs as summer work or at the start of their course during term-time.

Each pack provides:

  • Key terminology and information to prepare them for the start of their course
  • Retrieval questions based on the first A Level chapters to help pre-learn content
  • Maths skills guidance with lots of practice questions
  • Answer documents (teacher access only, can be shared with students if required)
  • A 30 mark test.

Access the packs under the Resources tab and the tests under the Assessment tab.

New exam practice resources – February 2019

We’ve added new support for revision and exam preparation to your OCR Sciences for A Level Kerboodle.

  • Practice questions and mark schemes covering Papers 1, 2 and 3 for Biology A, Chemistry A, and Physics A.
  • Each set has been specifically designed to target areas of weakness identified by OCR in last year’s exams. You can find these in the new Exam Practice folders.
  • New practicals objective tests for Chemistry A. You can find these in the Practical Activity Groups folder.