We’re here to support you – wherever you teach. You can find advice and tools below to help you and your students should your school be affected by Coronavirus.

Are you an administrator? Visit our dedicated administrator support pages.

User management

Adding students and creating teaching groups

Speak to your administrator about adding students to Kerboodle. Administrator details can be found once logged in. Once students have been added you can create your classes.

Adding teachers

Not all of your colleagues on Kerboodle? Send them an invite and give them access to Kerboodle.

Assessment and resources

Assigning work

Easily assign single and multiple assignments to students and teaching groups in Kerboodle and then review progress in the Markbook.

Sharing content and adding your own resources

Create links to resources you can share on your VLE or even add your resources to Kerboodle.

Further support

Course guidance

Course specific advice and tools to help you get the most of your subscription.


We offer a selection of on-demand for teachers. We also have webinars dedicated to administrators.

YouTube playlist

Find quick hints and tips on our YouTube channel.

Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team at no extra cost.

Technical support

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and settings to access the Kerboodle website .

Facebook community

See how other teachers are using Kerboodle, share your thoughts and stay up to date on Facebook.

Need more support?

We’re here to support you – wherever you teach, wherever you learn. If you need further assistance, you can book one-to one-training with a member of our team at no extra cost, available virtually.