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First steps

Scheme of Work

Find the schemes of work for Foundation and Higher (for two- or three-year KS4 courses).

Digital Book

AQA GCSE Spanish Higher and Foundation digital books have all of the audio for the listening activities hot-spotted on the page.


Practise vocabulary

Get students to practise pronunciation using our vocabulary list and builders for each unit of the Student Book for Foundation and Higher. Take a look at examples of the vocabulary resources.

Grammar skills

The grammar covered in each unit of the book has accompanying PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and activities. You can also find these resources in the grammar bank at the bottom of the folder structure. Take a look at some examples from Unit 2.

Skills practice

Extra listening, reading, speaking and writing activities to accompany units of the Student Books are available to students in the Resources tab.

Adding your own resources

You can add to the bank of resources with your own resources which means that you can create lessons and units that are bespoke to you and to your classes.


Track progress

Set your students’ homework from a variety of interactive quizzes and assessments. Find out more on assigning these to your students.

Exam practice

Revise for exams with assignable role play and photo card activities, GCSE practice papers and Revise spreads in the digital books.


Answers and transcripts can be found in the related section within the Resources tab. By default this will be hidden to students but can be made visible. When assigning work you will also be able to attach answers as supporting material.

Further support

Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team at no extra cost.

Facebook community

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General Kerboodle guidance

Need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

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