Home learning packs – January 2021

This Kerboodle now includes additional home learning packs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will find a new unit made up of 3-5 lesson players for each science. Each unit covers a chapter of Activate Book 1. We will be adding more packs over the next few weeks.

New retrieval questions – September 2020

Kerboodle now includes new retrieval questions to test students’ knowledge and improve long term retention. There’s a set of questions with answers for every chapter in Activate 1 and 2.

New home learning support – June 2020

We’ve added a new Home Learning Support folder to your subscription, to assist students of all ability levels with autonomous learning.

This folder contains a series of 31 study guides built around 6 core scientific concepts, which can be accessed using the Lessons tab. These study guides last around 30 minutes each and are formatted as Lesson Players, using an easy-to-follow presentational structure supported by interactive activities.

New Exam Pulse 2020 available now – plus, new Knowledge Organisers- January 2020

Exam Pulse gives you the most relevant exam support based on the latest GCSE exam feedback to save you time and includes:

  • A lesson presentation describing areas where students struggled in the 2019 GCSE examinations, with links to resources for KS3 students to practise these areas
  • Practice exam-style questions at KS3-level for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Also in your Spring Term update:
  • 21 new Knowledge Organisers. Each A3 Knowledge Organiser summarises the content for one chapter of Activate, covering all of years 1 and 2.
  • Over 1,000 more files have been updated to use less ink when printed.

Now kinder to your photocopier – July 2019

Following customer feedback, we’re working hard to update the headers of our worksheets so that they don’t require so much ink to print. So far we’ve updated over 500 Activate 1 files and more will be updated in the autumn.

Plus, we’ve created a document explaining the progression model which informs all our KS3 and GCSE resources, including Activate. You can find it under the Assessment tab.

New AT practicals folders – March 2019

We’ve created new AT Practicals folders to make it easier to find everything you need to support practicals. Inside, you’ll find all the student and teacher practical sheets, now in one place. The AT practicals cover all the key practical skills students need to move onto GCSE Science.

New resources – November 2018