Edexcel A Level Maths

Content update – July 2020

The following new content has been added to your subscription:

  • Two start of Year 12 Diagnostic Tests, one focusing on skills needed for A Level students for Pure Mathematics, and one focusing on skills needed for Applied Mathematics.
  • Both tests are accompanied by a self-assessment guide, complete with guided answers, further support through book spreads and links to MyMaths.co.uk, and space for self-reflection.

What’s included – July 2018

We’ve updated the resources in Kerboodle, adding new Student Book Bridging Editions, which include dedicated Bridging Units to provide the perfect springboard from the new GCSE to the new A Level. Also new are the bridging worksheets, and Oxford’s hugely popular Student Assessment Tool for AS and A Level. See below for a summary of all the content now available for your use.

Digital books

  • Edexcel A Level Maths Year 1 and Year 2 Combined Student Book (original edition)
  • Edexcel A Level Maths Year 1 and Year 2 Student Book Combined Bridging Edition
  • Core Pure Year 1 Student Book
  • Further Pure 1 Student Book
  • Further Mechanics 1 Student Book
  • Further Statistics 1 Student Book
  • Decision Maths 1 Student Book
  • Core Pure Year 2 Student Book
  • Further Mechanics 2 Student Book
  • Further Statistics 2 Student Book


  • Schemes of Work for AS and A Level Maths and Further Maths
  • Bridging material worksheets
  • MyMaths links for all chapters
  • Calculator videos Chapter 1-11 for Casio ClassWiz FX-991EX and Casio FX-9860GII SD
  • Calculator videos Chapter 1-11 for Texas Instruments TI-84
  • ICT resources: spreadsheet activity + worksheets for all chapters
  • Fully worked solutions for every exercise question in the Maths Student Books, presented using the unique Oxford ‘stepped reveal’ tool
  • InvisiPen worked example videos for all chapters
  • ‘Know your data set’ to support statistics teaching and learning


  • Oxford ‘Student Assessment Tool’ to track progress and convert end-of-chapter test marks into grades
  • AS and A Level practice exam papers (3 sets)
  • A Level practice exam papers (2 sets)
  • Automarked tests Chapter 1-21
  • End-of-chapter tests (2 versions) for all chapters

Note that the Year 1 Student Book is due to be removed from Kerboodle during the Summer holidays, please get in touch with your educational consultant if you have any questions. Kerboodle provides resources to support topics covered in the Edexcel A Level Maths student books.