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First steps

Content map

A great first step is to look through The Complete Companions Kerboodle content map. This shows you the content that is available for each topic on the specification.

Digital book

It’s then worth flicking through the digital books. You can launch resources straight from the page, so it’s easy to see how you could use them for each topic. Students can annotate, highlight and add notes to their digital book.


Resource planner

Resource planners, available in the Planning tab, give you access to a ready-to-go slide with teacher notes, from which you can launch all resources for a topic. You can also customise these to tailor them to your own lessons and add, edit or delete slides.


Engaging animations make tricky concepts memorable and easier to understand.

Interactive activities

Interactive activities help to embed knowledge and test students as they go through the course.


Flashcards are available for every topic to help practise knowledge retrieval of key terms and definitions.


Customisable handouts save you time, and give students activities to complete independently to help them apply and capture their learning and consolidate topics. Here’s an example: 0.0 Handout: Burger evaluation skills.

Film clips

A range of film clips showing examples from real life case studies, in partnership with ShortCuts TV, as well as expert advice from The Complete Companions author team.


On Your Marks

Complete, all round support for exam-style essay preparation, the On Your Marks activities from Kerboodle can be assigned to students and guide them through answering questions. They contain an interactive activity which helps students to break down the question, some sample answers to analyse using a mark scheme and an opportunity for students to attempt to answer the question themselves, and self-mark using the mark scheme.

Auto-marked tests

Interactive auto-marked end-of-topic quizzes to provide regular knowledge checks and help you to monitor students’ progress.

Exam-style practice questions

Kerboodle contains a bank of exam-style practice questions so that your students have plenty of practice and can become confident with applying their knowledge in an exam-style format.

Track progress

Set your students homework from a variety of interactive quizzes and assessments. Find out more on assigning these to your students.

Further support

Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team at no extra cost.

Facebook community

See how other teachers are using Kerboodle, share your thoughts and stay up to date on Facebook.

General Kerboodle guidance

Need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

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