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First steps

Digital Book

A great first step is to look at the Edexcel GCSE Maths Digital Student Books and Homework Books at both Foundation and Higher tiers. Students can annotate, highlight and add notes to their digital books. They can also access InvisiPen worked example videos and links to resources on MyMaths.co.uk through hotspots.

Teacher companions

You can view and annotate digital versions of both the Higher and Foundation Teacher Companions.


InvisiPen video tutorials

Your students can gain familiarity with calculation methods using 400 unique InvisiPen video tutorials showing worked solutions to model questions. Browse the videos at this link or view this sample.

Exam Pulse

Exam Pulse

These handy guides use insights from past papers and examiners’ reports to highlight tricky question types and provide focussed practice for the 2021 exams. Onward links are provided to other helpful resources on Kerboodle. Click on this link to access our resources, and then click ‘Exam Pulse’ in the left hand menu to browse. 


Printable assessments

You can comprehensively check your students’ understanding with our printable assessments, including end-of-chapter tests and five full sets of practice papers. Browse all the assessment resources at this link, or click here to see a sample Higher practice paper.

Online assessments

For every chapter, you can set your students an Online Skills Test. These are automarked, providing handy feedback directly to students, while recording results in your online Markbook. You can see an example at this link.

Student Assessment Tool

Monitor and analyse your students’ progress with our widely praised Student Assessment Tool. Click here to see a pre-populated example.

Self-Assessment Checklists

These booklets provide a transparent, easy-to-use way for students to record their own progress. Download and print one for Higher and one for Foundation. Pdf versions are also available.

Assigning work

Assignments found within the assessment tab, including quizzes, exam style questions etc., need to be assigned to a student for them to be able to view and complete them.

Further support

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General Kerboodle guidance

Need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

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