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First steps

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Teaching Version: Student Book

A great first step is to look through the interactive version of the Student Book (available within the Digital Book tile on the course homepage). This can be personalised by adding notes, highlighting key text and adding web-links. You’ll find an annotation tools button on the bottom toolbar when you open the Student Book.


Digital student book

The visual, spread-based layout of the Student Book is designed to support students of all levels in being able to access and understand the theory. The digital book is easy to navigate, and there is a Table of Contents button on the bottom toolbar to help you locate and move to the chapter or activity you need.

Familiarise yourself with the tools and resources available

From wherever you are in the course, you can navigate through the different tools and resource types. Along with the Digital Book, you’ll find separate tabs for Planning (including a guide on how to customise the resource planners provided); Resources; Assessments; the Markbook (where you can view assignments you’ve set); Reports (where you’ll be able to see your students’ or group’s test results); and the administration or User Management tools.

Lessons and resources


End of chapter quizzes

Always popular, the end-of-topic interactive quizzes and end-of chapter tests are ideal for checking progress and consolidating students’ knowledge and understanding.


Editable lesson presentations and case studies – such as this one on Andy Murray – are available to support your teaching. You can share links to specific resources by using the ‘share content’ button above the resource list.



Differentiated worksheets support all the activities in the Student Book. These are editable and answer files are also available.



The Resources section includes lots of videos, animations, audio clips and links to YouTube to help contextualise learning in a more visual way.

More support


There are a suite of flashcards for each topic within the Resources section. Students can use these to check their understanding throughout their course. Clicking on each flashcard reveals the answer.


Planning and assessment tools

Editable mark schemes are available, along with annotated model answers for all exam-style questions in the Student Book. Auto-marked tests are a valuable time-saving tool that support students’ independent learning. Kerboodle offers you the functionality to track their progress, so you can offer additional support where required.

Assignment Pool

Assigning work

Assignments found within the Assessment tab, including quizzes, exam style questions etc., need to be assigned to a student for them to be able to view and complete them.

Further support


Facebook community

See how other teachers are using Kerboodle, share your thoughts and stay up to date on Facebook.


Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team at no extra cost.

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General Kerboodle guidance

Need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

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