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First steps


Digital books

A great first step is to take a look at the digital version of the Student Books, either A Level Maths or Further Maths. Your students have home access to these too. The A Level Maths Digital Book includes direct links to worked example videos and to


Scheme of work

Have a look through the Schemes of Work for the course. These cover AS and A Level for both Maths and Further Maths.


All Resources below can be accessed either via the Resources tab or by clicking on hotspots in the Digital Book.


Bridging units

To support transition from GCSE, the Bridging Units offer recap, worked examples and fluency-style exercises. They can be downloaded as write-in worksheets or viewed in the A Level Maths Digital Book.


‘Stepped reveal’ answers

Work through answers one line at a time with our unique ‘Stepped reveal’ feature. Try looking at Chapter 2, Polynomials. (Available for the A Level Maths Digital Book only.)


InvisiPen video tutorials

Our highly regarded ‘InvisiPens’ provide a video walk-through-talk-through of exam-realistic AO1-3 questions. Try looking at Chapter 3, Trigonometry.


Calculator videos

These video tutorials support your students with the use of some common scientific and graphic and scientific calculators, including the CasioClassWiz. Try looking at Chapter 1, Algebra.


ICT activities

We’ve included resources to support you with embedding ICT in your curriculum. Try looking at Chapter 6, Vectors.


Step-by-step solutions

NOTE: For all textbooks (including Further Maths), we provide fully worked solutions for all exercises, and mark schemes for all assessments, on our marketing website. Please contact your local Educational Consultant or Customer Services on 01536 452620 for passwords.


You can browse all the tests below in the Assessments tab.

Assignment Pool

Online Skills Tests

There’s an automarked test for every chapter: click here to see an example. Students are given meaningful, on-screen feedback, while teachers can review progress in the online Markbook. Find out more on how to assign these to your students.


End of Chapter Tests

These tests form the assessment spine of the series.  There are two versions of every test: click here to see an example.  You can record results and monitor progress in our widely praised Student Assessment Tool.


Mock papers

We provide 3 complete sets of mock papers for both AS Level and A Level Maths. You can also find mark schemes for both.

Further support


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General Kerboodle guidance

Need more general hints and tips on using Kerboodle? Check out our dedicated teacher support section.

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