To exit the pool

If you would like to return to the pool later to continue editing, select Cancel to return to the Assessment module, or select the Assessment module tab.

To submit the pool

The Assign button in the Assignment Pool will be inactive until you have:

  • set a date for all your tests.
  • selected a teaching group/students.

Once you have set a date for all tests and selected a teaching group and students, click Assign to submit the Assignment Pool to your students.

Select Cancel to return to the pool to finish later.

After submitting the Assignment Pool a confirmation message will be shown. Select OK and the pool will be emptied.

The student will receive a notification on Kerboodle for each test on the start date you selected, and they will appear in the student’s Assessment module and Markbook after completing the test.

You can review all assigned tests and marks in the Markbook.