AQA GCSE Sciences (9-1)

 New baseline assessment materials – January 2021

Home learning packs:
This Kerboodle now includes additional home learning packs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will find a new unit made up of 3-5 lesson players for each science. Each unit covers a chapter of AQA GCSE Science Book 1. We will be adding more packs over the next few weeks.

Test Score Converters:
In the Assessment tab you will find updated and new Test Score Converters to support you with compiling your centre-assessed grades.

 New baseline assessment materials – September 2020

Kerboodle now includes new support for baseline assessment, to help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Each interactive includes:

  • New retrieval questions with answers
  • New exam-style practice questions

These can be found under the Resources tab.

New home learning support – June 2020

We’ve added a new Home Learning Support folder to your subscription, to assist students of all ability levels with autonomous learning.

This folder contains a series of 48 study guides built around 10 core scientific concepts, which can be accessed using the Lessons tab. These study guides are formatted as Lesson Players, using an easy-to-follow presentational structure supported by interactive activities.

New: Oxford Revise practice papers – April 2020

As part of our Oxford Revise project, we’ve added new practice papers to your Kerboodle. These cover the Paper 1 topics for Biology, Chemistry and Physics Higher tiers and for Combined Science: Trilogy Foundation and Higher tiers.

New Exam Pulse 2020 available now – plus, new Oxford Revise support for Combined Science: Trilogy Foundation- January 2020

Exam Pulse gives you the most relevant exam support based on the latest GCSE exam feedback to save you time and includes:

  • Exam-style questions covering key skills identified as areas of low attainment in the 2019 AQA examiners’ reports
  • Command words worksheets to give students practice in interpreting exam-style command words
  • Exam Pulse lesson players linking to existing Kerboodle support for the key skills identified as areas of low attainment in the 2019 AQA examiners’ reports

Plus, as part of our Oxford Revise project, we’ve added new interactive retrieval activities for Combined Science: Trilogy Foundation, ideal for students to check if their knowledge is secure.

Autumn update: brand new Oxford Revise retrieval questions, practice papers, and support for Required Practicals 28.11.19

As part of our Oxford Revise project, we’ve added new retrieval question interactives to Kerboodle covering all the content students need to know.

Each interactive contains retrieval questions covering one chapter. Students fill in their own answers to the retrieval questions, then reveal the correct answer and compare this to the answer they gave.Students should repeat the retrieval questions until they have memorised the correct answer for each.

Plus, your autumn update also includes:

Our new Oxford Revise Revision Guides are full of retrieval and exam-style questions and will be out in January. Find out more.

Summer update: new support for ELC and Required Practicals- June 2019

Your latest update is now live and includes:

  • Exam-style practice papers for Entry Level Certificate
  • On Your Marks interactive activities to help students develop the practical skills they need for their exams. Look out for more of these in the autumn!

Podcasts now available to download plus new answer review functionality- May 2019

All AQA GCSE Sciences (9-1) podcasts are now available to download, both as individual podcasts and as whole-course bulk download files, so students can pick the topics where they need most support or choose to save the whole collection to their device.

We’ve also added a new “review answers” button to all Homeworks and summative Progress Quiz tests. Students can select this once they’ve submitted their answers in order to see the correct answers.

Spring updates- April 2019

End-of-chapter exam-style questions for Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Updated assessments and the answers for our newest Student Book – November 2018

Following the first exams in the summer of 2018, we’ve updated our baseline tests to match the new GCSE 9-1 grades. We’ve also updated the test score converters, which are now unlocked so that you can change the grades should you wish to do so.

Plus, answers for the questions in our new Foundation: Combined Science Trilogy and Entry Level Certificate Student Book are now available on Kerboodle. If you haven’t already explored all the resources which accompany this book, don’t forget to take a look.