Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies

New Exam Pulse 2021 – March 2021

New Exam Pulse presentation with top tips, and suggested resources to develop skills and understanding that may need improvement.
Resources to help students look after their wellbeing and build resilience.

New Exam Pulse 2020- February 2020

New Exam Pulse gives you the most relevant exam support based on the latest exam feedback to save you time and includes:

  • 1 Edexcel Exam Pulse presentation
  • 1 revision planner
  • 1 ‘How to revise’ presentation
  • 1 ‘8 top revision tips’ video
  • 1 ‘8 top tips for exam day’ video

New content is now available- October 2019

New auto-marked tests have been added for Chapter 2 of every title, perfect for quickly checking students’ knowledge and for setting as homework.

New Exam Pulse Update- April 2019

New content is now available:

  • 1 Exam Pulse presentation with top tips to help students do better in their exams, using advice gleaned from the Summer 2018 examiner reports
  • All 12/15 mark question resources have been updated to give clearer guidance on evaluation, including On Your Marks presentations, worksheets, practice questions and practice questions with support

New automarked quizzes – December 2018

We have now added 24 automarked quizzes to chapters 1 and 3 which can be used for homework, revision or to consolidate knowledge as students work through these topics.

Explore the new quizzes