The Complete Companions for AQA Psychology

More Exam Pulse content now available- April 2021

New three full exam-style sample papers with accompanying mark
schemes that can be used for mock papers to help with evidence-gathering.
Head over to the Exam Pulse folder to take a look.

New Exam Pulse 2021 now available- February 2021

Every year, Exam Pulse brings you resources to help you learn how to better answer exam questions, using information gathered from the latest examiners’ reports. Although we’re not quite sure what’s happening this year, we think the resources we’ve drawn together will help whatever comes your way.

We think you’ll particularly like the four videos designed to help you develop resilience. That’s a quality we all need more than ever at the moment! Head over to the Exam Pulse folder to take a look.

New Flash Cards- February 2020

We’ve updated your The Complete Companions for AQA subscription with brand new flashcards to help with revision. These are available for all chapters of the Year 1 Kerboodle. Flashcards for Year 2 are coming soon.

New Exam Pulse 2020 now available- January 2020

New Exam Pulse gives you the most relevant exam support based on the latest exam feedback to save you time and includes:

  • Three new Exam Pulse presentations covering each A Level exam paper
  • Eight new interactive quizzes
  • A revision planner (Word document)
  • A ‘How to revise’ presentation
  • An ‘8 top revision tips’ video
  • An ‘8 top tips for exam day’ video

Latest update- December 2019

We’ve updated your The Complete Companions for AQA subscription with 5 new films from Shortcutstv, including:

Year 1/AS Student Book

Year 2 Student Book

  • Rosenhan: On being sane in insane places​​​​​​
    • A film clip to accompany 6.2 Reliability and validity in diagnosis and classification in Chapter 6 Schizophrenia
  • Media influences on aggression
    • A film clip to accompany 9.9 Media influences on aggression in Chapter 9 Aggression
  • Offender profiling
    • A film clip to accompany 10.2 Offender profiling: The top-down approach and 10.3: Offender profiling: The bottom-up approach in Chapter 10 Forensic psychology

Latest update- November 2019

AQA released Version 1.1 of their A Level Psychology specification in June 2019. Most of the changes are very minor. Please refer to the AQA website for more information. To support you with these changes, we’ve updated some resources in your The Complete Companions for AQA subscription with the following:

Also now available

Exam Pulse- April 2019

We’ve added new Exam Pulse content to your The Complete Companions for AQA Kerboodle subscription. This content is designed to give your students extra support in the areas which last year’s cohort struggled with in the 2018 A Level exams. The update includes:

3 Exam Pulse 2019 presentations with top tips and links to relevant content to help students do better in their exams, using advice from the latest AQA examiner reports.

Updates to fifth edition Year 1 and Year 2 Kerboodle Book- March 2019

Hot spotting added to digital books

New fifth edition Year 2 Kerboodle Book – January 2019

There are now over 1,000 resources on Kerboodle. The latest update provides you with:

Access to the fifth edition Year 2 Student book (Year 1/AS book also available). Following a thorough review of the latest examiners’ reports, the assessment information has been enhanced throughout to ensure these fifth editions gives the best and most up-to-date support.

In addition, the evaluation sections and sample answers with examiner comments have been remodelled to give crystal clear exam signposting and guidance so you can easily digest the advice needed to achieve your best results.

Also included is a new ‘Problem corner’ section with exam-coaching advice on pitfalls and common mistakes to ensure you are as exam-ready as possible. Access to the fourth edition will remain until you’re ready to renew your Kerboodle Book subscription.

Also now available:

  • A content map showing all the resources and assessments available to you on Kerboodle
  • Answers to the Can you? questions from the fifth edition Year 1/AS Student Book
  • Answers to the Can you? questions from the fifth edition Year 2 Student Book