AQA GCSE Physical Education 3rd edition (9-1)

New Exam Pulse 2021 – January 2021

Every year, Exam Pulse brings you resources to help you learn how to better answer exam questions, using information gathered from the latest examiners’ reports. Although we’re not quite sure what’s happening this year, we think the resources we’ve drawn together will help whatever comes your way.

We think you’ll particularly like the four videos designed to help you develop resilience. That’s a quality we all need more than ever at the moment! Head over to the Exam Pulse folder to take a look.

Revision Packs- February 2020

We have created 27 revision packs for your students. They have been added under the Assessment tab and you can find them by clicking on the ‘+’ signs in the menu on the right [‘Assessment tab’ to be a hotlink to the Assessment tab.].

Each revision pack focuses on a topic and draws together all the resources in Kerboodle on this topic. For example, ’The skeletal system’ contains two topic tests, flashcards, key terms and a workbook about the skeletal system. We hope this will make the content already in Kerboodle more accessible to your students, helping them to focus on one topic at a time when revising.

The revision packs are located under the Assessment tab so that you can collect students’ topic test results and record students’ marks for the On Your Marks activities using Markbook. It means that you must assign them to your students for them to be visible to your students. This does involve a little work for you, but it means you can leave out any resources that you want to use differently with students.

We have created the revision packs in response to feedback we have received from users, and we hope that you and your students find them helpful. If you have any comments, please join our Facebook community with fellow teachers and let us know.

Exam Pulse 2020 – January 2020

Drawing on the 2019 examiners’ reports, we have developed a new presentation and new resources to help students avoid the common pitfalls identified in the reports. This year, all the Exam Pulse resources are designed to be used by students directly and are automatically visible to your students, so do encourage them to take a look.

New Teaching Version of Kerboodle book added- September 2019

This new book contains links to websites and YouTube clips in the resource planners, as well as links to other resources in Kerboodle. We have removed any broken links and added new ones to make sure you don’t spend time searching for resources and you have everything in the same place.

New AQA GCSE PE resources added – April 2019

Using information gathered from the summer 2018 examiners’ reports, we’ve put together a presentation and activities to help students learn how to do better in their exams. You can find these in the Exam Pulse 2019 folder.