New Star and Plus End of Stage Assessments- November 2020

There are now ¡Claro! 1 and 2 End of Stage Assessments for Star and Plus levels available, covering listening, reading, speaking and writing.

¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle (Phase 2) is now live!- July 2019

Phase 2 of ¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle is now live, which means you’ll now have access to all of the content, including:

  • Interactive activities and worksheets for units 4-6
  • End of unit assessments for units 4-6
  • GCSE-style levelled assessments
  • Phonics videos
  • Grammar and vocab quizzes for all units
  • Record and playback for all units – including a version for the assessment tab to assign to students
  • Vocabulary lists and audio for all units
  • Videos hotspots in Digital Book

You can use all of ¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle for free until 30th September 2019.

¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle (Phase 1) is now live!- April 2019

You can try ¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle for free now with early access until September 2019. Right now you’ll find the following content available to use:

  • ¡Claro! 2 Kerboodle Book hot spotted with all the audio
  • Interactive activities and worksheets to support Units 1 – 3
  • Video and supporting Worksheets for Units 1 – 6
  • Assessment material for Units 1 – 3

Phase 2 will go live in July 2019 and will complete the content for ¡Claro! 2, so look out for future homepage updates.

Lesson plans updated – November 2018

Lesson plans now include:

  • Answers for activities
  • Teacher notes and guidance for activities, including suggestions for starters, plenaries and reinforcement and extension activities
  • Transcripts for listening activities.

View lessons plans