KS3 Geography: Heading Towards AQA GCSE

New on Kerboodle- February 2021

We’ve added new diagnostic ‘Checkpoint quizzes’ to your subscription, each with accompanying diagnostic tool and teacher notes, to help you to monitor progress and check in on what students know and understand.

New on Kerboodle- January 2021

We’ve added a new diagnostic ‘Checkpoint quiz’ for chapters 1-6, each with accompanying diagnostic tool and teacher notes, to help you check in on what your students know and understand.

Checkpoint quizzes for the remaining chapters will be added later this term.

New content added- November 2020

We’ve added the following new content to the course:

  • New Skills-pod animations and associated worksheets
  • Glossaries
  • Glossary worksheets

New content added- May 2020

KS3 Geography: Heading towards AQA GCSE Kerboodle now includes ‘Two Week Topics’. These are project-based, independent-learning resources to support geographical knowledge and skills. They include links to the Kerboodle Book and other Kerboodle activities and can be completed from home with minimal supervision.

Early access phase 1- March 2019

Welcome to our brand new KS3 Geography: Heading Towards AQA GCSE Kerboodle. Our early access provides you with content from chapters 1 & 2 of this course, including:

  • Differentiated worksheet packs
  • Skills-pod animation and accompanying worksheet
  • A comprehensive assessment package
  • A sample chapter (Chapter 12, Global Issues) from the KS3 Geography: Heading Towards AQA GCSE Kerboodle Book

Content for all chapters will become available in June. The full release will also contain:

  • Hotspotted Kerboodle Book
  • Hotspotted digital Teacher Handbook
  • Guidance presentations for exam-style assessments

You’ll then have lots of time to evaluate this free with your class, until 18th October 2019 when your school will be invoiced. If you decide Kerboodle is not for you, you can cancel at any time by calling our customer services team on (+44) 01536 452775.