GCSE 9-1 Geography Edexcel B

New content added – March 2021

GCSE 9-1 Geography Edexcel B Kerboodle now includes ‘Independent study guides’, project-based resources to support geographical knowledge and skills for each chapter. These are suitable for home learning and include links to the Kerboodle Book and GeoActive case studies for extension activities.

New content added – February 2021

We’ve added new Exam Pulse 2021 content to your GCSE Geography Edexcel B subscription, giving you access to assessment and revision support based on the latest feedback. Assessments may look different from how you expected this year, but we’ve worked hard to make this content as relevant as possible, and we hope you find it useful.

This content gives students top tips, and suggests resources to develop the skills and understanding that may need improvement. It also includes resources to help students look after their well-being and build resilience.

Spring update- April 2019

We’ve updated your GCSE 9-1 Geography Edexcel B Kerboodle with:

  • New skills-pod animations, which include a short animation based on key geographical skills, with multiple-choice questions to test understanding. Topics now covered include the following:
  • Skills-pod 18: Histograms: why histograms are useful in geography, how to draw and interpret histograms
  • Skills-pod 19: Isoline maps: why isoline maps are useful in geography, and how to draw isoline maps, and the limitations of isoline maps
  • Skills-pod 20: Data presentation: why data should be presented, data presentation methods, and how to choose an appropriate method of data presentation
  • Skills-pod 21: Frequency: why frequency is useful in geography, how to calculate and interpret frequencies, and how to calculate the mean from a frequency table
  • Skills-pod worksheets. Each skills-pod is supported with a worksheet that applies students’ geographical skills to a related topic in the student book.
  • Skills-pod worksheet answers for teachers

New on Kerboodle – September 2018

We’ve updated your GCSE 9-1 Geography Edexcel B Kerboodle with:

  • Practice paper and mark scheme for Paper 1
  • Practice paper and mark scheme for Paper 2
  • Practice paper, mark scheme and resources booklet for Paper 3