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New assessment content for Catapult 1 and Catapult 2 – September 2019

New assessment content is now available in Catapult 1, including:

  • Six alternative end-of-chapter reading and writing assessments
  • Answers for the new reading assessments
  • Sixteen new SPaG quizzes

The following new assessment content is also available in Catapult 2:

  • Sixteen new SPaG quizzes

You can find this content by clicking on the Assessment button on the Catapult Kerboodle homepage. If you aren’t currently subscribed to Catapult 1 or Catapult 2, please contact your local educational sales consultant to arrange a free trial.

Catapult 2 (Phase 1) – June 2019

You can try Catapult 2 Kerboodle for free now with early access until September 2019. Right now you’ll find the following content available to use:

  • Catapult 2 Kerboodle Book hot spotted with audio of all source texts and resources Source text comprehension interactives
  • Word power and skills worksheets
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar interactives
  • End-of-chapter and end-of-year assessments and answers

Content update – November 2018

All of the interactive Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities have been moved to sit under the Assessment tab and therefore can now be assigned to individual students.

Also, make sure you explore the hotspotted Digital Book which allows you to launch all activities, worksheets and audio files directly from the page. This makes front-of-class teaching more straightforward and means that, if you have student access to the Digital Book, your students can easily access all of the resources they need.